The man of my dreams?

I wish I could have him. He'd be around 40 to 45.
 Long black silky hair.
Tan to caramel skin.
Beautiful smile.
Ocean eyes or eyes of a deep brownish-red like whiskey.
He'd be slim but not skinny.
He'd like big women and be a feeder.
He'd have money but not be rich.
He'd have a great sense of humour.
He'd be a great listener.
Give good warm hugs that feel right not creepy.
He'd  be a snappy dresser but not like some gay man.
He'd be a biased towards somethings I am as well.
He's be a little taller than me and walk slow.
He's laugh would make me smile and swoon.
He'd have a nice apartment and love to cook.
He'd be able to drive Uber if possible.
He'd be into me and not fuss about how I look worst than him.
He'd be loyal and like cats.
He'd be like a father and mother to me.
He'd be sexy but no when to take charge of me in the bedroom.
Unfortunately this man isn't real. There is something similar but that sounds like MJ!
But I want something abit different than him too. I want something personal. :(


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