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The real me! I have almost nothing!

Most people think they know me,but they really don’t.
I’m a loser by some extent and a minimalistic person.
I don’t have a husband,I never dated,and barely have a sex life!
I don’t even care to bathe often! I’m a slacker.
I don’nt own a real computer. I use a 2-in-1.
I  love it. I use it as a desktop replacement. It is alway on my desk.
I have a Bluetooth keyboard for it too.
And yet,people believe I use an desktop pc! LOL
Everyday is a struggle for me cause my voices I hear tell me to stop  using it for their sake.
It’s like they want to control everything I do. Bute enough is enough.

Secondly,I have a few Cabbage Patch Kids in my room and reborns from Kinderland Dolls.


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These men at Tender Mercies Inc's Dana building are demonic and salty!
Instead of praying to the Lord and asking God about things,they wanna make fun of people til they
fucking blue in the face.
Brian and Lewis and Sam.
Without they demonic asses it be better! 😵🙄☠️
Instigating black trash! 🤢

About me! (PART 1 OF 3)

Birth name: Trinette Rani Johnson

D.O.B: 11-15-1979

Race: Other

Weight: 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth

Parents: Joan Frances Webster and Woodrow Wilson Johnson 

Place of birth: Cincinnati,Ohio (Hamilton County)

Lewis Gains going to jail soon!

I took secret pics of his black ass to show to FBI. He is an instigator and a liar.
Him and them crazy sluts he knows at Dana.
His friends are telling my source what he says! He's also been recorded on the patio camera for good measure.
He was talking to plain clothes police too recently but didn't know.
Friend of a friend!
I heard from his casemanger who I know that he has OCD.
Hey Lewis Gaines... your ass in trouble with the law.