The real me! I have almost nothing!

Most people think they know me,but they really don’t.
I’m a loser by some extent and a minimalistic person.
I don’t have a husband,I never dated,and barely have a sex life!
I don’t even care to bathe often! I’m a slacker.
I don’nt own a real computer. I use a 2-in-1.
I  love it. I use it as a desktop replacement. It is alway on my desk.
I have a Bluetooth keyboard for it too.
And yet,people believe I use an desktop pc! LOL
Everyday is a struggle for me cause my voices I hear tell me to stop  using it for their sake.
It’s like they want to control everything I do. Bute enough is enough.

Secondly,I have a few Cabbage Patch Kids in my room and reborns from Kinderland Dolls.


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