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My Race and DNA!!!!

I can't believe this! I want another test,but this is cool! :)

My real mom!

These dumb drug dealers and wannabe cool people who hang around Tender Mercies Inc,have no right! Calling my mom fat and ugly. My mom was 5'1 and at her biggest weight 165 while eating healthy. Before death she was under a hundred pounds! My mom would not approve of these people much or this place much. She'd tell me "leave if you're not happy".
I miss you mom. I've had visions and nightmares of her throwing up all over me. I'm not a toilette! I also heard voices in my head with this mental illness talkin about her,being in hell/Hades. IDK,but where she is is where she is! :)

All I am to dumb and crazy people is this...

The people at Tender Mercies Inc in Cincincinnati,Ohio and around make fun of me like I am a nasty cow! They say I complain and make excuses,but they are the excuse! They think because I hear voices and was homeless for 65 days,that I am homeless and mentally unstable. I was never really mentally ill til June 26th,2009. That's when I asked for Michael Jackson's soul in the name of God,while being an fallen angel on Earth! After,all hell broke loose for me. I got kicked out my group homes for stealing and being bad with my hygeine. For more about this,see my blog here:

About me! (PART 1 OF 3)

Birth name: Trinette Rani Johnson

D.O.B: 11-15-1979

Race: Other

Weight: 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth

Parents: Joan Frances Webster and Woodrow Wilson Johnson 

Place of birth: Cincinnati,Ohio (Hamilton County)

My family of dolls!!! #dollscollection

Aw.marlo! #rebornbaby

My daughter/son. Idk if baby Marlo should be a boy or girl. #rebornbaby

My lil girl Tiana! #rebornbaby #minireborndoll

People say I'm crazy for lovin these dolls...#dolllover #reborntoddlers

My iPhone 4s. #iphone4s

Quiet solace...

#cats #catslover

#sergiocortes is #michaeljackson

$85 on eBay. I wanted her but got another. #rebornbaby

Awe I love him but where to put him? #rebornbaby

Love at first site! #teborn