College work!

Back at
I got a scholarship awhile ago
I go freely.
They accepted my diploma and certificate of completion for GED.
So,I'm a student going for Computer Science major. A  Bachelor degree in it.
I can do it. I know,I can! 😎🤗😀

Ain't going to the Dana!!!

Nope not aeoind Samuel Clayborne!!!
He look like a mole! And he is retarded.
Him and Lewis need to eat shit and grow up out this place. It's pathetic to live here,yet make fun of someone like me! Sure,I live here but damn I'm almost out. I'm almost free!!!
Hell,I'm not in jail. But they still are ...

Nasty -Ass ;Welfarish Trashy People!!!

That's what the men and women who make fun of someone like me are. 
Cause real people don't have time to talk! They are busy. 
Praying even. 

No More Facebook!!!

Besides using messenger with my family and playing messenger games! I'm done. No more being on Facebook anymore!!!!

Fire Tv Stick!

I love it. Makes my TV onto a Android pc! I love the games and the web apps. I don't need a pc for this. I got a gamepad,headphones,and keyboard for it. Dedicated computer!  I use Chrome and Silk browser. I use Gmail. It's all I need with my phone. 

The Maestro From MJ's Ghost!

I've fallen for MICHAEL and his character. Many fans roleplay and chat as him. They've  become his character. And I've grown attached to to it too much and now I'm addicted. 😥😫🙄🙃😲

Zte Z5g Is For Me!

Why bad reviews? It works great. 
It's my only phone/pc!!!